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05/24/2006 Archived Entry: "No point in political freedom"

I'M BECOMING INCREASINGLY DISENCHANTED with writing about "political freedom." Without physical and psychological (even spiritual) self-sufficiency, political freedom is impossible. What little is won will soon be lost again.

We look back nostalgically to America the Great. But it never was. By the second presidential administration, we already had a would-be George W. Bush in office. Even the great Jefferson surrendered the Constitution when expediency had more appeal. And that's not to mention a few "little" glitches like human beings owning other human beings as property.

America was great not because of Enlightenment ideals (however noble some of those ideals were), the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. It was great, for some, because it had (so far) few laws and lots of room for people to get away from what laws there were.

My work requires me to write about political freedom. And don't get me wrong; I can still work up a righteous rant. I've been very, very fortunate to be able to earn a living with my passion. But long run? Something's got to give. I'm becoming far more interested in things of the spirit -- not religion, but in the potential of humans to rise above the everyday reality of malls and credit reports and sports stadiums and gray cubicles. Especially I want to explore our potential (so I hope) to transcend such nasty little sewage-filled sinkholes as government.

Posted by Claire @ 01:10 PM CST

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