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05/18/2005 Archived Entry: "Country cell-phone use and brain tumors"

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN ALL THE "EXPERTS" SAID IT WAS RIDICULOUS to suspect that cell-phones contribute to development of brain tumors? Well, evidence is starting to emerge.

Of course, one study may mean nothing. But despite claims that brain tumors (cancerous and otherwise) aren't on the rise, emperical experience seems to indicate that they are. I won't be surprised if cell-phones aren't the only culprit -- but all the rest of this e-stuff that surrounds us all day, as well.

I'm not making any claims. The evidence really isn't in, and I'm not going to run around shouting that the sky is falling. I just wouldn't be surprised if evidence does eventually come in.

Posted by Claire @ 12:02 AM CST

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