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10/04/2004 Archived Entry: "Wasting your vote, scientifically"

HERE'S SOME FOLKS WHO WANT YOU TO WASTE YOUR VOTE in the presidential election this November.

Debra here. This site points out what most of us already know: a huge majority of people don't vote, and it's not because of apathy. It's because there's no real choice.

From the site:

Neither party has done anything to repair the most damaging policies currently threatening our Republic. Many (if not most) laws have been put in place to favor particular groups at the disadvantage of other groups, or everyone else, or merely to allow the sitting President and Congress to 'manage' the economy in someone's favor (and it's usually their own).

I'm making this appeal to the people who recognize the dynamic as well as the fact that laws built around favoritism are the real problem that needs to be addressed. If you vote for either of the parties that have crafted our 'favors-for-campaign support' system, it means voting for favoritism.

If you want to change that, it's time to vote 'else.'


Imagine the substantial debate over real issues we'd get in the popular media if poll numbers looked more like this:

Thanks, TM

Posted by Debra @ 10:53 AM CST

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