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09/11/2007 Entry: "VeriChip and Applied Digital stock prices fall -- thanks again, Katherine!"

HEH HEH. More evidence of the power of the determined little guy. VeriChip and Applied Digital stock prices fall based on the weekend's "cancer chip" news. So notes the great, gray New York Times.

One side of me hates to see this sort of sudden reaction because so much harm has been done in the past on the basis of spurious health news and periodic panics (remember what the Alar scare did to the apple industry). I don't mean to imply that the "cancer chip" claim is spurious. I would just rather see human chipping rejected on principal -- on thought, rather than on reaction.

But since VeriChip and its corporate and political masters have such a loathsome agenda -- as Katherine Albrecht (the "little guy" in question here) said, their aim is "to chip us all like bar-coded packages of meat" -- anything that knocks them back is good news.

You go, Katherine!

Posted by Claire @ 06:31 AM CST

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