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07/07/2003 Archived Entry: "CASPIAN discovers insecure security on RFID site"

FROM THE DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY DEPARTMENT. CASPIAN, that fierce doberman watching over shoppers' privacy, has discovered that anyone can access "confidential" documents on the MIT Auto-ID Center web site.

This is a delicious irony, since the Auto-ID Center is the spooky institution that's not only building the global infrastructure for adopting universal product ID (virtually invisible radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking tags to be imbedded in literally every product manufactured on earth), but is also charged with convincing us ignorant peasants how useful and "secure" the technology is.

Among the "secure" documents on the site is one that talks about how to "pacify" the vast majority of individuals who hate the very idea of having themselves and their toilet paper use tracked from store shelf to sewer, and another that wistfully hopes we'll all just get over it and become "apathetic" and "resign" ourselves to "the inevitability of it."

To see more of this pernicious elitist drivel, all you have to do (snicker, chortle) is enter the word "confidential" into the Auto-ID Center's search engine.

Posted by Claire @ 12:39 PM CST

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