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12/12/2006 Archived Entry: "e-gold spreads its legs for the feds"

E-GOLD, UNDER PRESSURE, lies down and spreads its legs for the feds. Heck, it even goes out trolling for fed "customers," which it services for free (no warrant or subpoena required for the fed big boys).

So much for e-gold's "libertarian image." If you deal with e-gold in the future, be sure to have yourself checked for STDs afterwards -- that is Statist Transmitted Despotisms.

No big surprise -- and no big deal, I suppose. Just one more corporate sellout, one more act of datamining snoopery by a private business on behalf of its federal partner. One more unsurprising revelation of who the real customer is. Ho hum, what's on the other channel?

Though Wolfesblog has an e-gold link for donations and the annual book sale, I believe it's been used just once in the last three years. Getting money into and out of e-gold was always such a bitch it seems few people ever got around to it. I'd close my e-gold account, except it's hardly worth bothering for the hundred bucks or so worth of metals that have been sitting idly in it all these years. Still, you hadda kinda hope that a business, started by alleged freedom lovers, and dealing internationally in metal money, would be prepared to hold out, and wouldn't cave so spectacularly and so cravenly.

(The news of e-gold's sellout per a TCF thread begun by Mr. Bill. Thanks for the bad news, Mr. Bill.)

Posted by Claire @ 03:53 PM CST

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