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12/12/2006 Archived Entry: ""Frivolous filing" penalty to increase/the state of the injustice system"

ACCORDING TO DAVE GROSS OF THE PICKET LINE legislation spewed by Congress at the last minute will increase the IRS's notorious "frivolous filing" penalty by 1000 percent. And will extend it to other taxes and other parts of the tax-objection process.

If so, then next time you write "Paid under protest" or "What law requires this?" on your 1040, you'll be subject to a $5,000 penalty, not "merely" $500. And as always, don't expect an impartial judge and jury to hear your case before the fine is levied. Ha ha. What a quaint notion that is, here in 21st-century Amerika.

And speaking of the pseudo-justice system, be sure to catch Paul Craig Roberts' latest. Even on those rare occasions when you do get a judge and jury, justice is the farthest thing from anyone's mind. (Amazing to think we still sneer at the folks of Salem ca. 1692 for destroying the lives of a mere 20 individuals.)

And speaking of injustice and government's inhumanity to man, Jim Bovard has now put the full text of his American Conservative article, "Bush’s Torture Ticking Time Bomb: Sins of Commission," online. Even if you're so tired of torture news that reading one more article on the subject seems about as appealing as enduring a bout of strapado or waterboarding (officially not torture, in the Bushevik lexicon), it's a good one.

Posted by Claire @ 03:07 PM CST

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