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01/28/2007 Archived Entry: "Bovard at the big anti-war demonstration"

JIM BOVARD ATTENDED YESTERDAY'S BIG ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATION and brought back the above politically incorrect statement. (Here's a link to the organization the woman is promoting.)

I'm actually more fond of this kindred protester:

... though I wonder why the Busheviks didn't arrest her as a "threat." (They're so very big on considering everybody a threat to The Glorious Leader.) And I must admit that devouring that particular Bush is a gag-inducing prospect.

Jim will be posting more photos to his site soon.

ADDED: And speaking of exactly the sort of thing the Busheviks consider a "threat," Jim just sent along this photo:

Wonder if gnomes in the Secret Service are, even as we speak, planning to move in on the demonstrator responsible for that one?

Posted by Claire @ 11:26 AM CST

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