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03/06/2005 Archived Entry: "Fake ID: "The kids are winning.""


The age-old battle of wits pitting police officers and bar owners on the one hand against under-age drinkers on the other is as lively as ever, though it has entered a new technologically advanced phase. Gone are the days of the art major down the hall who was a wizard with an X-Acto knife, a stencil and some super glue. Using Internet resources and sophisticated computer graphics software, college students are forging drivers' licenses of startlingly good quality, complete with shimmering holograms, special inks and data encoding that can fool the police and even occasionally the latest generation of scanners. To hear law enforcement officers tell it, in the fake-ID arms race the kids are winning.

A surprisingly good article from the NYT and worth even the Dreaded Registration or the trip to Bugmenot.com. Once again, credit to privacy maven Richard M. Smith.

Posted by Claire @ 11:21 AM CST

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