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10/09/2003 Archived Entry: "VeriChip introduces reader for building access"

THEY'RE MOVING FAST. Before we'd barely marshalled our efforts to fight subdermal RFID chips, the folks who make VeriChips have announced that -- due to customer demand -- they've already got a "VeriGuard" wall-mounted reader ready to market. This reader, the first in a planned series of "secure access control applications," is designed to keep unchipped people out of certain buildings or areas of buildings.

No doubt the initial applications will only be in extreme high-security government or corporate facilities. But here it is. It's already begun. They can now keep you out of buildings if you refuse to accept their mark under your skin. How many years before your child must be chipped before entering a school building or before you must be chipped to be allowed into the county courthouse?

Posted by Claire @ 09:56 AM CST

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