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04/08/2007 Archived Entry: "Pro-Freedom or Anti-Gov?"

Are you pro-freedom or anti-government?

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

What do YOU want? Is it less government or more freedom? My highly significant other, Taran AKA Lightning on TCF, blogged today about subsidizing government with our thoughts, energy, and efforts. We both marveled at the significance of this, mainly because we had come to this very same realization independently of each other.

What we focus on in our lives becomes our reality. That which we subsidize, flourishes. If we focus on what is wrong with our lives, we get more of it. If we concentrate on being anti-government, we'll actually get more government. If we instead put our energies and efforts into being pro-freedom, we'll get more freedom. We need to center on what we want, not what we don't want.

Call it goal-setting or law of attraction or whatever... The fact remains that if we're focused on the wrong things, why should we be surprised when the outcome is the opposite of what we want? We did everything that we could to feed what we didn't want all of our energy to help it grow and become stronger, when we should have been doing everything we could to feed our energy and efforts into what we wanted.

Claire has made mention of her search for the "Great American Freedom Novel." I think I understand now what has been missing from otherwise well-written books in the past that prevented them from being that great book. Instead of being novels that centered around freedom - finding, creating, and nurturing it - they've mostly centered around the main character's reaction to oppression. They aren't about freedom, but are instead anti-oppression. The focus is in the wrong direction.

This isn't to say that everything should be peaches and cream. Hardly. One can't have a good story - or even a lifetime - without conflict. It's about how one deals with that conflict and why they are willing to deal with that conflict that the tale is woven. What is the ultimate goal that they are striving for? Again, is it more freedom or less government? The books that fell short of being that great novel have been thus far, all about less government. Doesn't sound very freedom-oriented, does it?

The next time you post on your favorite internet forum or have a conversation with friends or, more importantly, setting your own personal goals, will you be posting an article about the latest government intrusion or discussing how the government is violating the Constitution? Or will you be discussing how you are creating freedom for yourself and your family or learning from others and how they've paved their road to freedom?

Posted by Thunder @ 10:46 PM CST

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