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12/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Help with goal setting"

OKAY, IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN, when we make all those futile promises to ourselves. "In 2004, I resolve to write the great American novel ... tar and feather a politician ... become a hermit woodcarver ... make a million dollars ... find True Love ... and be a Perfectly Happy and Fulfilled Person."

But -- cool! -- there's help for transforming our annual fit of promises into reality. Check out MyGoals.com. Silly as it may sound to us "free-form" types, MyGoals actually has nice little step-by-step plans to help you achieve any realistic personal aim. Pick your goal and they'll help you draw up a plan to achieve it. But what if you're aimless? They'll even provide you with an aim! MyGoals has dozens of pre-written aims and plans to help you do anything from prepare for a hurricane to study Buddhism. Need a plan for keeping better financial records, spending more time with your kids, paying off debt, learning Chinese, traveling to Africa, making your own wine, being a better boyfriend (or girlfriend), remembering birthdays, or improving your sales technique? It's all there, complete with pertinent details.

No advice on how to achieve that tar and feathering thing, though. Pity.

Posted by Claire @ 08:52 AM CST

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