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12/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Eff Off (Oy, the temptation to say it!)"

EFF OFF!!! Whew, after much pondering I've almost decided on my big New Year's Resolution. I'm close. Only thing is, is it going to be:

I resolve to tell all idiots to eff off in 2004.

Or is it going to be:

I resolve to become more diplomatic and in pursuit of higher goals to resist the temptation to tell all idiots to eff off in 2004.

You tell me.

I'm in the midst of dealing with the infamous Queen of Passive Aggression in our dog-rescue group. I've ranted about her before and commented briefly on her personality (disguising her as a male in some fit of useless Netly tact) in a broader post on leadership. She just spent a week setting up a sneaky-sneaky-sneaky sneak attack on other group members, while presenting herself to some important outsiders as a misunderstood hero-victim. Ask what we did to upset her, though, and we get the usual, "Oh, why, nothing, I'm not upset. Everything's just fine! How could you even think anything's wrong?" Gnrrrrrr! Ya can't solve the problem -- because there's no problem!

I admit, I admit I'm very bad at suffering fools. If it were just me, I'd cut her tits off (verbally, just verbally) in a minute. It would be a New Year's treat. And 2004 would be more serene without her. But nobility says put up with her For the Sake of the Doggies. But then ... another voice says maybe we'd get more done for the doggies if all the group's leaders weren't so busy constantly attempting (impossibly) to placate this certifiable loony. OTOH ... the loony is a hard and talented worker, when she's not withdrawing into an alcoholic or manic-depressive haze.

Do I listen to my good angel or the little devil on the other shoulder? And BTW, how do I tell which is which?

Ah, thank Blog. At least it helps to be able to vent.

Posted by Claire @ 10:27 AM CST

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