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12/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Weird world: Iran earthquake and downer cows"

WEIRD WORLD I: With a whole city lying in earthquake ruins and thousands of people trapped under rubble, Iran wouldn't allow the nearest (and arguably best) rescuers in the world to come in and help. And do we hear any of the "religious toleration" crowd getting upset at this particularly deadly example of intolerance? Naw. To their great credit, some Israeli groups are quietly giving aid, despite Iran's rejection.

Weird World II: The fedgov banned putting downer cattle into cattle feed years ago. (Eeew, wasn't cows eating cows a disgusting notion in the first place?) But only just this week did the Ag Dept. and the FDA decide sick cattle shouldn't go into the human food supply. Is it gross, or what, to learn that our protectors have been putting their stamp of approval on us eating diseased animals all these years?

As always with the fedgov, even now that they've "got it" they haven't got it; a downer cow with a broken leg doesn't belong in the same category as a downer with a mystery illness. But that's how the feds have lumped them.

(Aaron Zelman was quick to point out that kosher beef has never come from diseased, or even "blemished," cattle. If I ate beef, I sure think I'd look for a kosher butcher shop.)

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