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01/26/2006 Archived Entry: "Ironies in the Hamas win"

BEFORE THE PALESTINIAN ELECTION all the wonk-talk was about how the U.S. would deal with a Fatah-led government that had substantial Hamas presence within it. Then -- whoops! -- Hamas whups Fatah's ass.

Ironies abound. Apparently, the United States played a very large role in this election, determining its timing and throwing a lot of money at it. (Is it a good sign or an ominous one that U.S. manipulation of foreign politics has recently gone from "assassinate-and-deny" to open mangement attempts, discussed as business-as-usual on NPR?)

Yet the U.S. officially refuses to deal with Hamas because Hamas advocates violence and overtly aims for the destruction of a country. I don't want to see Israel destroyed. But pardon me; if you're going to refuse to deal with a political party because it advocates violence and has policies that destroy countries, then there are a couple of parties a lot closer to home that we should all refuse to deal with.

As Madame Condi said, "You cannot have one foot in politics and another in terror."

Unless you're the planet's only 800-pound canary of course.

Posted by Claire @ 12:57 PM CST

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