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06/20/2004 Archived Entry: "Simon Jester in Zimbabwe"

SIMON JESTER IN ZIMBABWE. Among many other things, he distributes revoluntionary condoms reminding Zimbabweans to "stand up!"

Gunner of the No Quarters blog wrote about this. Be sure to follow Gunner's link to the original story. It's rich with resistential goodies. (I think I just made up that word, resistential. Lessee, it's an adjective for existentialists whose existance is focused on their individual responsibility to resist evil.)

In Zimbabwe, Simon is spreading subversive items and splashing walls with a yellow hand and the letter "Z." In this case, Z stands for Zvakwana -- which means "enough" in the Shona language. If you've been around a while, you might know that this isn't the first time the simple letter Z has made dictators foam at the mouth.

Good blog you got there, Gunner.

Posted by Claire @ 12:55 PM CST

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