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07/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Canadian gun registry used as a model for what not to do"

YOUR LAUGH FOR THE DAY, courtesy of Simon Jester:

Canada's $1-billion gun registry is being used by a U.S. project-management centre for senior corporate executives as a case study in incompetence and financial mismanagement.

Baseline, a New York-based management centre that conducts case studies on information technology for business leaders, has published an analysis of the gun registry entitled: Canada Firearms: Armed Robbery.

The U.S. study examines how the gun registry developed from a simple $119-million system to track firearm ownership into a large and complex electronic database with a billion-dollar price tag.

"What was supposed to be a relatively modest information technology project ballooned into a massive undertaking. At last count, the program had amassed more than $1 billion in costs, and the system has become so cumbersome that an independent review board recommended that it be scrapped," Baseline's analysis said on its website.

The rest is here at the Windsor Star. Unfortunately, once you stop laughing you realize that 1) the gun registry is still there and 2) Baseline is using it to teach execs how to be more efficient at imposing Big Brother projects. Life goes on ...

Posted by Claire @ 08:13 AM CST

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