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12/03/2006 Archived Entry: "Shorty Dawkins visits Hardyville"

SHORTY DAWKINS VISITS HARDYVILLE. Now you might think I know everything there is to know about Hardyville history. But that's not true. Until recently, in fact, I didn't know about the time Shorty Dawkins visited Hardyville and got into a shootin' match with Ezra Lyons, father of our own Nat.

Now, Shorty Dawkins lived in Upton's Corners, which in some ways is a very different place than Hardyville. But the two have in common the fact that you can't get there unless you already know how. So it appears Shorty fit right in (although I doubt he appreciated the coffee). I thought you'd enjoy this account, which was written by Enoch Upton, grandson of Edna Mae Dawkins Upton, Shorty's sister.

(And no, I didn't have anything to do with the writing of any of the tales of Shorty. "Enoch" learned that he and I wrote about similar sorts of towns. He then related the tale of Shorty's historic visit.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:28 PM CST

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