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03/18/2004 Archived Entry: ""For the geezers""

YOU CAN FORGET DOING EVERYTHING "FOR THE CHILDREN." That's so day before yesterday. In the future, the Big Brother horrors will be imposed "For the geezers."

Notice also that, once again, the "solution" (total remote surveillance of granny's tooth brushing, meds taking, and bowel movements) is needed largely because of a government created problem -- the coming collapse of the health-care system.

Not to mention a related pair of other (partly) government created problems -- the destruction of family and community and the need for nearly all capable adults to be working outside the home, where they have no clue what's up with their family members.

And don't forget, RFID tracking of our bathroom habits isn't merely For the Geezers. It's also for the birds.

Thanks to Sunni and Pat for the leads.

Posted by Claire @ 08:43 AM CST

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