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08/18/2006 Archived Entry: "Tempus Fugit not all I'd hoped"

WELL, I FINISHED THE NOVEL Tempus Fugit last night. I'm sorry to say the plot never did thicken. Shortly after I mentioned that the book was off to a promising start, it devolved into a lot of fairly random talk-talk. Some of the talk was interesting and worthwhile, but conversation about history, society, technology, and the body odors and sexual proclivities of the founders does not a story make.

Beyond the opening scenes, the only dramatic event in the book is unbelievable in inception and contrived in resolution, as if the author had watched a lot of TV and was mimicking familiar scenes. Too bad. A ton of historic research went into Tempus Fugit and the book was produced with great care. It just wasn't produced by a novelist.

Still waiting for the great freedom novel ...

Posted by Claire @ 07:16 AM CST

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