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10/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Two quick updates about the holiday autographed book sale"

TWO QUICK UPDATES ON THE HOLIDAY AUTOGRAPHED BOOK SALE: Debra and I just learned that some mail sent to the ordering address has bounced. If you've place an order or sent an inquiry in the last several days and it comes back at you, please just re-send to the same address. It's fixed now. If you have any doubt about whether your order went through, same thing. Contact the order address, which you'll find here. (LATER: We've located and acknowledged all orders that came via PayPal or e-gold. Thank you all very much!)

Also, as of today, 101 Things is out of stock at the publisher and gone forever. Buy from Debra and me or buy next year from some eager beaver who's trying to sell it used at eBay or Amazon.com for a gazillion bucks. (Copies of the first ed. of I Am Not a Number! have turned up with asking prices near $200. Yikes!)

Talking with the publisher today about an all-new book for next year. Different content but same themes as 101 and Don't Shoot.

Posted by Claire @ 03:54 PM CST

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