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09/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Temporary difficulties"

NO SOONER DO I MOVE TO A NEW HOST THAN THAT HOST'S ENTIRE SYSTEM GOES BLOOEY. I won't go into the borey gories, but just be aware that clairewolfe.com's brand, shiny new hosting service is suffering monumental troubles. They've shuffled this blog from one server to another tonight, and the second one promptly went down as crazily as the first. (Or maybe they just changed host names; but in any case, it didn't improve much.) Things are up again for the moment and I'm typing fast to try to get an entry blogged before the next crash.

I'm insufficiently paranoid to believe that the string of disasters on two hosts and two continents is caused by some vast left-wing conspiracy to censor my subversive writings. But then, my friends tell me I'm insufficiently paranoid, in general. So who the heck knows?

The main thing is, bless you for your continuing patience -- especially anybody who's been trying to get mail to me. Your mail has landed safely on the server. I can even occasionally see some of it (wow). I just can't yet access it reliably enough to reply. The mail system is shakiest of all. HOWEVER, I did see a message from one fabulous human being notifying Debra and me that he and his wife have just made a $100 donation to the site. Whooooeee! Mr. T, I'll e-mail you as soon as I can salvage your address off the server. But in the meantime, consider yourself hugged as well as thanked. You join the rare ranks of the Rocket Scientist and the Oriental Master as major supporters of this site. And we've received several other kind donations, as well, including one or two anonymous ones. What would we do without the world's most supportive readers?

Posted by Claire @ 10:38 PM CST

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