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06/02/2003 Archived Entry: "My Web hosting service has an OOOPS"

GROAN!. My Web hosting service had a big oooops on Sunday. The server holding clairewolfe.com got hacked. They shut it down all day and when it went back online, they reconstructed my site using a backup copy. A not-very-current backup copy, unfortunately. So if you're here looking for my second report from the Grand Western Conference of the Free State Project ... come back later. I will try to recreate it by this evening. (I didn't have a backup copy, either.)

My first report (from Wednesday) survived. It mainly relates the joys of being stuck in a strange city with a broken truck. The real meaty stuff about the conference got ground up in the Great Maw of the Internet.

Posted by Claire @ 09:28 AM CST

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