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11/20/2006 Archived Entry: "E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon, Part I"

TODAY I'M PRIVILEGED AND HORRIFIED to begin publishing a five-part series of articles. The series "E-Passport: Doorway to the Panopticon" was researched and written by the young man I know only as Scarmig.

You'll find Part I here.

Each day this week I'll post another segment. Even if you thought you knew everything there was to know about the dangers of biometric, RFID-enabled government identity documents, do yourself a favor. Take the time to read these articles in full. Scarmig's research is impeccable. He reveals a breadth, depth, and history to the onrushing global identity systems (in which the e-passport is only one link) that even the most dedicated watchers of the surveillance state probably don't know.

Thank you to Scarmig -- and a nod to Rob at Strike-the-Root who had the original publication rights but graciously allowed Wolfesblog to share the honors.

(Note: My Internet connection is still unstable. Should it go down again, I'll post the next segment at the earliest opportunity.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:49 AM CST

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