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12/19/2006 Archived Entry: "Bob Barr: "Libertarian" drug warrior"


Reason: In 2002, the Libertarian Party called you the worst drug warrior in Congress. No hard feelings?

Barr: To be honest with you thatís never come up in our discussions. Iím not going to let minor disagreements come between us.

Thus sayeth the newest member of the Libertarian Party national committee. The drug war constitutes nothing but a "minor disagreement" among political chums.

And this is no ordinary drug warrior, either. As Wendy McElroy notes, this is a man who, when he had lawmaking power, advocated using federal racketeering statutes to prosecute people who used their First Amendment-protected rights to work for drug policy reform!

In the rest of the Reason interview, Bob Barr doesn't even have to dodge the issue of how one of the nation's most ardent drug warriors can pretend to be a liberatarian -- because (in a series of questions as "soft" as those usually asked by the lapdog media to George W. Bush) the subject never comes up again.

But now he's all in favor of the Holy Constitution. Yeah, right.

Posted by Claire @ 10:46 AM CST

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