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02/19/2005 Archived Entry: "Creepy cop shoots self, gets innocent arrested"


"Like this cop, you mean?"

The officers who arrested the completely blameless "suspect" in this police shooting, BTW, have just been acquitted in the suspect-victim's civil suit.

I know it's a judgment call; they weren't responsible for their colleague's lie. But they did, on one liar's word, arrest an innocent without any investigation.

And why, why, why is it that lying government employees always get the benefit of the doubt over non-government individuals? And what is it with this hooey (pardon me, I'm majorly ticked off at power-abusers today) of doing egregious, deliberate harm to someone else, then blaming your every deed on "stress"? And now it's okay because gee golly, you're praying about it.

Like, praying might help you, pal -- although it might help even more just to say, "I'm responsible. What can I do to undo the harm I caused?" But praying for your own trivial, self-focused little soul hardly helps your victim one bit.

Posted by Claire @ 11:30 AM CST

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