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04/10/2005 Archived Entry: "Hacking your OnStar unit"

IT'S YOUR ONSTAR UNIT, ISN'T IT? So why not hack into it for your own uses? Annie sent this with admiration for "people who think outside the box."

(Watch it if you go into the forums, though. There's one of the most annoying ads you'd ever want to encounter -- moving around the page to prevent you from actually reading anything. Try to click to close it and it opens another window. When I did succeed in getting rid of the ad image, the ripple effect of its motion still continued to distort the text. BAD forum! &^%$#@! desperate, stupid advertisers. The main site appears okay. But go into the forums with cookies turned off, web proxy on, and a fast trigger finger, if you go in at all.)

Posted by Claire @ 04:46 PM CST

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