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09/29/2006 Archived Entry: "U.S. should be shunned by other nations"

YOU KNOW ... THIS LAW ... This "Military Commisions Act," is so foul that once it's signed the nations of the world should shun the U.S. as a pariah. They should levy sanctions against us. They should refuse to trade with us. They should bring court cases against our "leaders" for war crimes. Just read the list of horrors in that legislation (scroll down to the bullet points if you don't want to read the whole article, although it's excellent). The economic gnomes of the world should, just to express their contempt (and because the day is coming, anyway), dump the dollar and make the Euro the world's reserve currency.

You and I know that none of this, none of what's in that monstrous law, belongs in any country that lays claim to being decent and free. This law sure as hell doesn't belong in a country that GWB says is a world leader in opposing torture.

Honest to God if the U.N. sent blue berets to keep order in the streets of Washington, DC, I wouldn't think it was a totally bad thing -- as long as they were also there to depose the president and his entire morally corrupt, spiritually repugnant third-world warlord administration. Okay, I exaggerate on welcoming the blue berets. Ugh. Never. No way. If things get that bad, we should get rid of our own dictators, thank you. And to clarify, no I don't favor globalist courts, either.

But truly, between this hideous Stalinist law, two (and perhaps soon three), enormous wars of aggression, and "minor" little slip-ups like the NSA wiretaps, the United States no longer belongs in civilized company.

You and I don't deserve pariah status. But our "unitary executive" and his aparatchiks and nomenklatura sure do. Won't happen, of course. We're the 9,000-pound gorilla. WE do all the deposing, thank you. WE levy all the sanctions. Nobody will stand up to the might of the U.S. -- except the little guys with nothing to lose.

(I found the link through Jim Bovard's blog, where he wishes us all a "Happy Dictatorship Day.")

Posted by Claire @ 06:16 PM CST

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