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04/06/2006 Archived Entry: "Secure Internet Phone?"

Encrypted VoIP Telephony?!?!

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

Today's neato, peachy-keen, kick-butt news comes from Wired News. It appears that Philip Zimmerman, that gentleman that gave us PGP back in 1991, has been working on Z-Fone.

It won't make your conversations 100% secure, but then again, nothing ever does. What it does do is it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to listen in. And what better thing to do than to bog the NSA and other unscrupulous people down with a bunch of encrypted talk about the basketball game or the wonderful recipe for lamb chops you tried out last night.

The beta version is now out and they are looking for beta testers! Right now, it only works on OS X and Linux and those of you without blazingly fast internet connections or computers may have some trouble. Another downside is that Mr. Zimmerman also requires an e-mail address for anyone that wants to be a tester.

Oh, did I mention that it's open source? smile

Posted by Thunder @ 04:11 PM CST

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