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06/13/2005 Archived Entry: "Susan Callaway and atek128 review RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone"


First, the individual cleverly disguised as atek128 writes:

At first glance, it's "another" book of the rapidly growing 'libertarian revolutionary' genre characterized by Unintended Consequenses, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, Molon Labe, and The Black Arrow. I say "at first glance," because the book distinguishes itself from the others for several reasons. The main one is age of readership. UC and BA both are pretty racy for kids and people uncomfortable about sex, however, RebelFire isn't very racy (the main character isn't even 18), so it has the chance of appealing to a greater audience.

Another difference is the age of the protagonist. In almost all the books of this genre, the main characters are old enough to remember the "good ole days" before the laws encroached enough to make everyone a criminal. Their rebellion is of course understandable. Jeremy on the other hand is quite young, and has grown up in a police state never knowing what true freedom is like. His mental and emotional progression is believable.

atek128's full review is here

Then Susan Callaway, editor of The Price of Liberty says:

This is the story of one ... young man with every conceivable disadvantage and no spark of liberty in his life except that which comes from deep within himself and inspired by the music and lyrics of a rock music group that is suddenly banned. Gradually he learns the harsh lessons of integrity and liberty as he climbs the mountains of terror and danger that stand between him and his dream. Along the way he finds a few kindred souls and bonds with a big ugly dog, not understanding at first what his dream really means or where it will take him, only that he's willing to die to reach it. ...

I wish that every parent who sees government as benevolent, or even a "necessary evil," could read this book and discover where that evil is taking us. It's right around the next corner and we don't have much time left before the Gray Zone engulfs us all.

The book comes with a CD so you can hear the music too! Get your copy, and get one as a gift for someone struggling with teens and their music, or doubtful about the push to destroy our privacy and liberty. This story might change their outlook forever.

Susan thinks the story stops, unfinished. Well, yes and no. Rest assured this book has a wrapup that'll leave you satisfied. But definitely there's a bigger story still to tell -- and Aaron and I hope to get a chance to tell that tale. It all depends on whether RebelFire catches fire with readers. Thank you, Sue and atek128 for helping it on its way.

Posted by Claire @ 12:47 PM CST

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