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06/15/2007 Archived Entry: "More people daring to utter the "A" (for abolition) word"

INTERESTING HOW MORE AND MORE OF US are becoming willing to utter the "A" word. "A" for abolition, that is. First, the gang over at JPFO comes straight out with a move to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Now J.D. Tuccille lays the same truth on the line about a more "sacred" agency, the FBI:

I wonder how often we have to play this game before we realize that the problem isn't some temporary transgression that can be fixed by shuffling personnel and tightening the rules; the problem is the FBI itself. We've created an unaccountable super-police force that accumulates authority and responsibility with each passing year. It's become a dangerous government agency--one that should be curtailed or abolished.

Sure, it's just us wingnuts saying it so far. But it's a beginning -- and a sign of the growing frustration over the futility of endless phony "reform."

Tuccille also sighs:

But I've said that before. Instead, we'll huff and puff a bit about this latest scandal, until it, too, is forgotten. And then we'll start all over again over some new outrage a couple of years down the line.

True -- for now. But eventually the frustration builds beyond that. Eventually, all the reformist fakery blows up in the faces of the folks who thought they could maintain the brutal, lawbreaking status quo forever.

Over at JPFO, they've made a conscious decision to put gun owners and Bill of Rights supporters on the offensive, for a change. What better way than to strike at the very roots of our enemies' power?

Can't reform the Devil -- or a federal agency. But I repeat myself.

Posted by Claire @ 01:30 PM CST

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