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07/13/2004 Archived Entry: "Five great things about yesterday"


1. It was sunny, 80 degrees, and as fine a summer day as Nature ever created.

2. I sent my movie-script draft off at the local UPS drop. There's still at least one more round of work to come, but that'll be all polishing. The easy part.

3. My author's copies of The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook arrived, with their marvelous cartoon covers as bright as a fruit salad. (Naturally, the moment I opened a copy, I found a typo. Happens every time. But at least only one jumped off the page at me.) TFOH is just 101 Things expanded, updated, pummeled, and polished -- with the addition of a little extra Outlawry, of course. But kinda fun. I hope you enjoy it.

4. In the same trip to the P.O. I got -- what a bounty! -- a copy of Jim Bovard's newest, The Bush Betrayal. I was able to read a chapter real quick and discover that, if anything, Jim is even sharper than ever on both his research and his wit. I thought I knew all I needed to know about the TSA, for instance. Jim taught me I didn't know the half. On to other chapters today and a real review later this week. Buy this book!

5. I swapped for a bottom-of-the-line Alpine CD player for the truck. A sudden opportunity came up. I've wanted to put a CD player in for years, but the truck is so old and has so many miles I'd developed a superstitious dread that the moment I spent money to install musical fripperies, the engine would blow up. The solution? Don't spend any money on the frippery. Finally having a CD player will help me break my NPR habit (I say, having immediately programmed the first three FM presets on the radio to various regional NPR repeaters). NPR finally got to be a bit much yesterday when their lead story was on cheap AIDS drugs in Thailand, their second was about a sex-discrimination lawsuit, and they spent both "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" hyping the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pablo Neruda. Pablo Effing Neruda????? Like, real people need to spend the whole day celebrating the birthday of a commie &^%$ing love poet and politician? Somehow, NPR has just ceased being the very definition of relevance.

Anyway, now with the CD in the truck, I can catch up on some of the noisy music I've neglected, like Rush. Never could listen to rock & roll while sitting still. But while I am sitting still, I'm gonna read the rest of Jim's book, ASAP.

Posted by Claire @ 08:27 AM CST

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