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08/05/2005 Archived Entry: "Little town doesn't want telephones"

THERE'S A TINY TOWN IN WASHINGTON STATE that doesn't want telephones. (Oops, sorry. Just fixed link!)

I must admit, I found this story charming and refreshing -- as well as being full of unanswered questions. The story doesn't say (though it certainly seems clear) that the phone company wants to wire the town primarily to get the federal subsidy that will make the operation profitable whether or not anybody hooks up. Bah.

And equally clear is the desire for some residents to keep out anything that makes them dependent on outside institutions. And anything that drives community members to deal with each other more impersonally.

Whichever side you take, it's interesting to know that such fundamental issues still exist in this age.

Personally, I've always detested the telephone (except for that brief moment at around age 15 ... you know the one) because of the crude, strident way it interrupts life, demanding instant attention and service. Caller ID and voice mail have tamed the beast somewhat. But I can still sympathize with those who find the scream of the telephone rude and annoying.

(Kudos to Mystery Woman for understanding the appeal of this story.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:49 AM CST

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