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04/17/2007 Archived Entry: "Mickey Creekmore: The Secret Garden"

THE SECRET GARDEN. Mickey Creekmore, on his very useful Survival Strategies blog, takes a few tips from the cannabis trade and from ancient history to tell us how to create a secret survival garden.

Hm. I always have wondered how we're supposed to stay awake long enough, after TSHTF, to guard our tomatoes and zucchinis from the ravening hordes. (Or maybe, given the proclivities of the infamous zucchini, we'll welcome the ravening hordes so we can finally get rid of most of the prolific stuff.)

Creekmore's latest post on making teas from common plants is a good one, also. Might not have to guard those plants. Bet most of your neighbors wouldn't even recognize them ...

Posted by Claire @ 03:49 PM CST

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