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11/23/2006 Archived Entry: "Thanksgiving gratitude without opposable thumbs"

TODAY'S THANKSGIVING DINNER PREPS are somewhat hindered by a shortage of opposable thumbs here at the Wolfe household. Previously, between six residents, we had two of those useful items. Now, owing to an accident yesterday involving an overeager dog, a under-vigilant dog-mom, and two hours in the emergency room, my formerly dominant thumb is performing roughly the same function as a dog's dew claw. Which is to say, none.

One thumb. Seven Thanksgiving dishes to prepare. It's a challenge.

Nevertheless, my temporary descent of the evolutionary ladder hasn't stopped me from making my favorite Decadent Potato Casserole or any other Thanksgiving delights. I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite of all holidays. No artificial good cheer. No Christian facades pasted over pagan revels. No endless shopping. Just being with those you love and spending time in peaceful gratitude. Oh yeah, and shoveling down some of the year's best food.

I was going to try to list all the specific friends (and friendly strangers) to whom I feel special gratitude -- all those who've gifted me with beautiful music, health & pleasure, knives & knifemaking experiences, adventures, artworks, books, apricots!!!, generous donations of money, and even one especially cool gun-nut tee-shirt. I was going to include those who've brought friendship, inspiration, knowledge, artistic collaboration, good work, and loving support into my life. Then I realized if I tried to list everyone, I'd risk slighting someone. So let me just say that you know who you are and I know who you are and you have brought blessings to my life. I hope in some little way I've also brought something good to yours.

Even as America's days get darker, there's still a lot to be grateful for. If you need some help picking your mood up today, here are just a few random cheerups for ya:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Claire @ 01:17 PM CST

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