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04/13/2004 Archived Entry: "Here comes the "smart gun""

^%&$#@!!!!! It had to happen. Let's just hope the feasibility study reveals this idiot idea to be very damned unfeasible:

PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 2004--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSXD -
News ), an advanced technology development company, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, VeriChip Corporation, has entered into a memorandum of understanding ("MOU") with FN Manufacturing a leading gun manufacturer to develop a first in the world of firearms. The team's objective is an integrated User Authorization System for firearms using VeriChip RFID technology.

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, this firearms manufacturer produces small arms for military and police forces, as well as the commercial market. The company is engaged in R&D efforts to study and develop various technologies (commonly referred to and understood in industry and the private sector as "smart gun") that could limit the use of a gun to one or more authorized or recognized users.

The purpose of the MOU is for VeriChip and FN Manufacturing to evaluate the feasibility of developing a long term, strategic relationship to design, manufacture and sell a "smart gun" incorporating VeriChip's RFID technology. The team will investigate a variety of RFID tags including Implant technology.

Yes, they're going to investigate whether you should have to have a chip implant before being "allowed" to use a firearm.

Doesn't it seem to you as though Applied Digital Solutions is involved with virtually every evil scheme that bubbles up out of the slime? Hey, you Revelation-watchers scanning the landscape for the Antichrist -- maybe you ought to turn your eyes toward Florida. While the implantable VeriChip seems to have the most dangerous potential, this company's first big product, "Digital Angel," almost seems like a theological, smack-in-the-face, aren't-we-clever Clue to those looking for the ultimate in unholiness.

This news comes courtesy of privacy maven Richard M. Smith.

Posted by Claire @ 11:58 AM CST

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