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10/25/2006 Archived Entry: ""George Bush is our fate""


Do you think so little of the United States that you truly believe the country you imagine still exists could be destroyed by this?

But Bush is the perfect embodiment of what has brought us here: he captures the arrogance, the determined anti-intellectualism and embarrassing incoherence, the insatiable greed for power and the predilection for violence, and the absolute conviction that fortune and God smile upon him and us as upon no other peoples in the entire span of history, in a single, pathetic, laughable imitation of a genuine human being.

George W. Bush is our fate, and our reward. We have earned him.

From commentary by Arthur Silber with a little help from a blogger named Werther. Werther makes the most eye-opening comment I've ever read about the relative might of the U.S. and Iraq -- really showing how guerrillas can stop the best-equipped army every time.

Of course intellectuals can be even more destructive than anti-intellectuals. (Take Woodrow Wilson -- please.) But Silber's right about Bush being the embodiment, the epitome, the virtual avatar of all that's wrong with the U.S. Silber doesn't mention another aspect: that Bush also embodies the blind idiocy and personal irresponsibility that says you can just spend, run up debt, and give out hand-outs forever without ever facing a consequence. And the cowardice of forcing others to do what you can't be bothered to do for yourself -- be it fight in a war or rob your neighbors. Those are the new American Way.

Posted by Claire @ 11:37 AM CST

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