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03/22/2007 Archived Entry: "Warriors on speed"

WARMAKERS ON SPEED! How could I have forgotten them? When I wrote earlier this week about super-efficient maids on speed, and (thanks, DA) one super-proficient mathemetician on speed, I forgotten all about the one organization left in the world that actually encourages its employees to use not just speed but a dangerous daily cocktail of uppers and downers.

Have you remembered who it is yet? Well, here's a hint. Which organization cares nothing about either human life or following the rules it imposes on the rest of us? Yeah, you guessed it!

Remember the news from a couple years back?

The expression "flying high" takes on a whole new meaning when viewed in the light of the admission by the U.S. Air Force that its combat pilots regularly consume uppers and downers with its blessing. In fact, American bomber pilots are encouraged to take amphetamines, and upon return to base are sometimes offered tranquilizers to help them sleep.

This shocking announcement - apparently a longtime open secret in the military - came to the notice of the public during an investigation of two U.S. F16 pilots responsible for dropping a laser-guided, 500lb bomb on a Canadian unit in Afghanistan. Four Canadian servicemen lost their lives as a result.

And remember the news that there was nothing new in that news?

So while you can't hire a maid on speed (unless it's the Officially Drug War Approved kind with the ugly meth habit who'd probably steal the change out of your sock drawer), and while a mathemetician on speed might end up counting his years in prison, the Pentagon officially sends speed freaks out to kill people. But don't worry; they're not doing it in your neighborhood, and the people they're killing are ones you've probably never met. You do have to wonder, though, why the DEA hasn't sent SWAT teams to U.S. bases in Iraq to bust these miscreants -- or sent teams to the Pentagon to bust the "drug kingpins."

(Thank you to P. for the reminder.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:01 AM CST

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