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03/04/2005 Archived Entry: "GovBenefits.gov -- Leapin' lizards, they're recruiting for the welfare state"

THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE GOVERNMENT BROCHURE ORDERED ME TO DO IT, so without question, I must immediately post a link to www.GovBenefits.gov on my (dis)organization's Web site.

Why? So that

... any citizen, social service caseworker, person working for a professional or faith-based organization, community center, library, college or university, Federal, State, or local benefits agency, or other interested party [can] determine the full spectrim of benefit and assistance programs that are available. Whether it's a direct payment, loan, insurance, training, or other assistance, there may be a government program that can help you or someone you know.

Yikes! These perverts are recruiting!

They don't think they're giving enough of your money away. More, more, more! Note also the capitalization on "Federal" and "State." Like, these levels of gummint have risen to such heights they've become The Deity, or what?

Posted by Claire @ 11:56 AM CST

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