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08/31/2005 Archived Entry: "Government hurt New Orleans"

Was it Katrina's fault?

Raving Reporter Thunder here. Claire asked a damned good question in an earlier post: Why would anyone build in a bowl shaped depression between a big lake and a big river? Sure, you'll have a few people scattered here and there in places like that, but an entire major city? Why would anyone do that? It defies logic.

Well, I know why. Government.

Government maintained levees? Failed.

Government maintained pumps? Failed.

Government refugee shelter? Failed and is being evacuated.

The vast majority of New Orleans residents "got out of Dodge" and are relatively safe. But, how many would this have affected if they hadn't put their trust in government supplied 'safeguards' in the first place?

Posted by Thunder @ 08:22 AM CST

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