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03/01/2006 Archived Entry: "Paladin Press picks up my Loompanics titles"

GREAT NEWS! Paladin Press has picked up the rights to and remaining inventories of all my Loompanics books. I had nothing to do with the decision and in fact didn't even learn about it 'til it was a done thing. But it's the best possible outcome.

I've always liked and respected editor Jon Ford and owner/publisher Peder Lund at Paladin. I'm thrilled they're keeping my books in print. Apparently Peder came to Port Townsend, met with the Loompanics crew, and chose the titles he wanted. Among others, I know he "adopted" Robert Waters' Guns Save Lives (a natural for Paladin and a good book) and the works of "Eddie the Wire."

I'm particularly glad to be making the move with Mr. Wire, whovever he may be. I've always appreciated sharing a publisher with somebody with who sounds as if he'd be found creeping down a dark alley. The association would confound my mother, who always insisted (to my vast irritation) that I was "a nice little girl."

Gia Cosindas, the world's best author liaison, with whom I've worked many years, tells me the Loompanics web site will remain online the rest of the year to direct people to the books' new sources. Alas, some books won't be picked up and will become difficult or impossible to get. But thank you, Paladin, and a few others, who have stepped in to save many Loompanics titles from extinction!

Posted by Claire @ 12:24 PM CST

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