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06/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Selling your fingerprints for a song"

SELLING YOUR FINGERPRINTS FOR A SONG Now, let's say you're the developer of a new device. Not one potential user has made a positive comment about that product. On the contrary. The typical email from a potential customer goes like this: "I see no better way of ensuring that [it] won't sell apart from smearing it with excrement before packing it. "

And that isn't even the worst folks have to say.

You might assume that, in some reasonable market, a body would give up on marketing that particular device and maybe look into something more saleable. Like pet rocks. Or dog poo branded products (already big in Asia; I kid you not). But nooooooo. This is the music industry we're talking about. And an MP3 player that requires your fingerprints before allowing you to download or play music sounds like a really, really good idea to certain people.

Bitterly funny article by Andrew Orlowski. Sent along by Vetzine.

Posted by Claire @ 09:14 AM CST

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