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11/05/2003 Archived Entry: "DoD recruiting for local draft board members"

OF COURSE IT HAD TO COME FROM THE BBC. "US raises spectre of conscription":

The American defence department has begun a recruitment drive for local draft boards, raising questions about a possible revival of conscription. ...

Pentagon officials have denied any move to re-instate the draft, saying that this would require a conflict of the magnitude of World War II.

They say the Selective Service System (SSS), which runs the draft boards, is merely launching a routine recruitment drive as 80% of places are now vacant. ...

The SSS's notice, posted on the department's Defend America website, says that in the event of a military draft approximately 2,000 five-member local boards will be called upon to decide which young men are eligible for deferments, postponements or exemption from military service.

Never have quite understood why anybody needs draft registration or draft boards if they're so adamant they're not going to have a draft.

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Posted by Claire @ 09:46 AM CST

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