Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Wrong Way To Argue About Assault Weapons

Gun control at its root has always been about gun control. Feinstein is a statist, and her laws and regulations will always and forever increase the power of the state. Feinstein sees through McArdle’s argument on cosmetics, which is why her proposed ban includes semi-automatic weapons. There isn’t anything cosmetic about the aims of the gun control advocates.


Tatosian said...

Justice Department, Republicans in talks to settle "Fast and Furious" case...


Trinity said...

The statists recognize the writing on the wall -- we are in an unstoppable trajectory toward, at the best, severe societal chaos, but most likely total collapse as the takers out number the providers and the politicians run out of money to support the addiction of the dependents they have created in their buying (and stealing) of votes. They are facing the realistic proposition of reaping what they have sown.

Their only hope, and it's a pathetic unattainable hope at that, is to disarm those who are preparing for this collapse. When the SHTF the dependent class will be slaughtered if they try (and they will) to take from the providers who have seen this coming and stocked up for the chaos.

The various branches of the federal Gestapo (FBI, ATF, DHS, etc.) will try to intercede but will fail miserably unless they can disarm the civilian population.

Anonymous said...

In other news:


Issa and Holder are going to work out a compromise out of court and make fast and furious go away...

You were expecting any part of the federal government to do something to another part that might decrease federal power and control?

Anonymous said...


There were only 358 murders committed with a rifle in 2010 out of 12,996. 6,009 shot with a pistol, 1704 with a knife, and 745 beaten to death with hands.

But the focus of Feinstein is on rifles?

Even Gallup shows that 53% oppose and only 43% support an AWB:


Chuck said...

@Anonymous 12:29am

"But the focus of Feinstein is on rifles?"

That's because, as slow and stupid as she may seem, Frau Feinstein knows that semi-auto fighting rifles are far more suited for shooting down regime thugs than handguns are.

Don't make the mistake in thinking she is stupid enough to overlook the fact that shooting down a thug with a lever action 30-30 or a bolt action .270 and then taking his M4 and ammo is Plan B for those of us who see the writing on the wall.

That's why Phase II of any "Assault Weapons" ban is to set their sights on all repeating rifles and revolving pistols. And on and on, ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

The right way to argue about so-called "semi-automatic military-styled assault weapons" was stated rather elegantly and succinctly by Leonidas of Sparta in 480 B.C.

"μολὼν λαβέ" (come and take them)

Can't do much better than that.

Anonymous said...

Gun control is about people control. It's about giving the state the exclusive responsibility for the safety of the people. And hasn't that worked out well everywhere it's been tried, like Chicago.