Tuesday, November 6, 2012


At least later on you can say you tried everything else before you were forced to shoot people in righteous self-defense of life and liberty. Vote.
LATER: George Soros' Media Mercenaries react: On Election Day, Past Fox Guest Mike Vanderboegh Predicts Anti-Government Violence


Anonymous said...

exercising my right today....going to buy ammo, already early voted in OH

Anonymous said...

When I encounter anyone who supports Obama I think those people have a choice: They can examine their motives and either openly admit they are fools or publicly announce that they are communists! Those are the only two reasons to support Obama!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Dutchman, I was the first one at the polls and the second to stick the ballot in the box. God save the Republic!

now to get ready for the riots, sigh.


Was good to see you again in Orlando, stay free

Da Curly Wolf said...

if I hear more stories like the one I heard last week about districts with early voting and using electronic tablets having their votes changed. If I hear more stories today like what's come out of philidelphia where in..
A. The New Black Panthers are at the polling places again.

B. The DNC election judges threw their GOP counterparts[court appointed counterparts I might add] out of the polling places in a number of the wards across the city. Now a state judge has ordered the DNC to allow the GOP back in.
Many more stories like this and I think it will come to blood shed in that regard. After all...while the GOP judges are gone, how many people were allowed to vote multiple times by using the identities of dead people? [ a favorite election stealing tactic] While the GOP judges are gone how many people may have been intimidated by those fuckers in the NBP into changing their votes lest some "mischance of fortune" befall them, because after all "these are dangerous times"?

After seeing those two stories this morning, boys I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

Done. Straight Republican too.


Anonymous said...

Get ready to hunker down in your dilapidated hillbilly hut, backwoods Bobby Jo. The 'communist' will have his second term in hand tonight, and I'm sure the first thing he'll attend to is exterminating a bunch of beer-bellied hick cancerous losers. Right.


Osmium said...

Fights have already ensured in Pennsylvania as the Democrats and Black Panthers forced GOP poll inspectors out by force.


WisconsinDan said...

Glad to see your feeling better. We may need you very soon.

Anonymous said...


surely you jest.

Has this not been tried before?
Has it ever worked?

And, just who would one vote for? Or against?

Obamney & Robama are thisclosetwins on all issues of any substance, while a 3rd party vote merely validates Mark Twain's observation - "no matter who you vote for, the government is elected"

Einstein had something to say about continually doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.

Anonymous said...

Win or lose the election, I like our odds. Thanks for your work, Mike. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love all the love Mike V?

You're under their skin, deep in the heart of the Soros communists. Must kind of make you feel all mushy and sentimental.

God Bless the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Voted, bought ammo, and did some shooting. Just got an LBV and two spare pistol mags from CTD yesterday. One step closer to ready . . . I hope we have a little more time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you have and still do Mike. Were the haters able to cheer over your untimely passing, it still will not make a dent in the 3% who will still be here to dish out the unintended consequences to those that will justly deserve it.


Anonymous said...

You lose, inbred backwoods dinosaurs. The President has another term, and you have only your bitter tears and the utter failure of your lives. Please don't beat your wives and children in your frustration.

Anonymous said...

Well - looks like Barry Zero will get another 'Gun Salesman of the Year' award. Prices are going to get downright silly in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

O "declared" winner by LSDM. Early. TOO early. Hunker down, long court fights ahead. Prices of everything bound to rise for many reasons, so stock up now.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Voted Obama.
Not afraid of you.
Go ahead, make my day...

MikeH. said...

It's now 12:17 AM Wednesday and the media outlets are all saying obama has won.

Seriously!!! There are that many people in this country who are so easily bullshitted?

God help us.

And, to Anonymous November 6, 2012 10:56 AM, GO E.D. GO


AJ said...

To all of the brave anonymous posters trying to rub O'bomb-a's "victory" in our faces. --
It doesn't matter. O'bomb-a and Ro-money are the same candidate. Both are statist, anti-liberty, anti-constitution, big bank servants. Your 'victory' is hollow at best.

Anonymous said...

No amount of cajoling could make me vote this time. I've voted every Presidential election since I was 18, and I'm 68. I voted for Oblabla in 08 but now see him what he truly is. A liar at best..a vicious murdering psychopath at worst, who has now declared himself a pre- Magna Carta King who has now usurped the Constitution by not only claiming the right to murder American citizens via Eric Holder's illegal "secret memo"...but has actually authorized the murder of 3 American citizens..one a 16 yr old boy. Add the NDAA in the mix and we have decended into a world that even Orwell could not comprehend.
What really bothers me though is the depth to which the MSM controls that information which would show America the truth. In that regard..behold the staggering denial by the head chair of the DNC, of Obombardier's NY Times documented KILL LIST ..



And now that the precedent has been laid... Romeny, if elected, would of course be obliged to use it too...if not worse. So no. I will not participate in the legitimization of this regime, as it no longer represents those principles which this nation was founded on and my father fought for in WW11. PERIOD

jon said...

i didn't vote, but i understand the sentiment. similarly, i'm going to be there saying to the other side, "your view of reality fell apart, lots of people died because of it, and all you did was vote -- and laugh at me while i bought ammo, practiced fieldcraft, and searched out the high ground for a place to call home."

Allen said...

Anonymous November 6, 2012 9:02 PM

"Not afraid of you.Go ahead, make my day..."

we are not the ones you need to be afraid of.

how many useful idiots did stalin ship off to the gulags?

Anonymous said...

That's right, now we can say that we did everything nesessary to try to avoid a civil war. Come for our guns and if you are not with us you are dead. simple as that. PaulIII

Happy D said...

Anonymous @ November 6, 2012 9:02 PM said

"Voted Obama. Not afraid of you. Go ahead, make my day..."

Then why has your self confessed NAZI collaborator money-man George Soros spent an estimated million Plus dollars just on anti Vanderboegh operations?

If he did not scare you, you wouldn't post anonymously.

William Flatt said...

I voted, but I honestly had to think about whether I was going to do it, at least one last time. Here's why:

In the past, I voted according to principle based on a candidate's qualifications, regardless of their chances. Typically this meant I split my ticket between Libertarian & Republican candidates, voting (R) where no (L) candidate was available. But now, I've been considering a political philosophy that is not new, nor is it fringe.

Only 1/2 of Americans are registered to vote. Of those, about only 1/2 vote regularly, meaning the majority of Americans aren't voting. Some say it's apathy; for some this may be true. Yet I've met a LOT of people who don't vote because they see a rigged system.

I'm closing in on 50, but I've been 'really good with computers' since long before the Internet. Also, I've worked for the Indiana Board of Elections. If there's anything that I've learned in working and seeing what goes on, it's that our ballot box is compromised. With the mandate that all counties use computerized voting machines and the proven insecurity (both physical and digital) of these machines - and how easy it is to rig an election, I know that we as a people - as a nation - can't conduct an election and be able to rely on the integrity of the outcome unless we return to paper ballots & publicly count them at the local level.

So I asked those who never vote. Some say it's because there's no viable pro-liberty candidate out there, others say it's because they simply refuse to participate in a rigged game. I can't fault them either way.

There's a growing number of patriots out there withholding their vote because they refuse to give away their consent to be governed, the very thing on which our Republic's legitimacy hinges. If you believe as I do that our government has gone off the rails and slipped the bonds of the Constitution to where it can no longer be shoe-horned back into the founder's mold, then the only thing left is to withdraw your consent. It's the last thing we can do short of actually shooting the bastards, which we can't do till they make the first fateful move.

Having voted in the primaries, I figure I may as well follow through. So, I pinched my nose & went in, voted a straight ticket for the first time in more than 20 years.. Libertarian. But from now on, I break the habit. By not voting in the future, I'll affirm my non-consent to be governed by enemies of Liberty.

This isn't a call for Americans to stop voting forever. I think you have to decide, come next election, whether it's worth the price of your Liberty to subject yourself to the diktat of the black box voting machines. Will you hand over your ballot – and your consent – to whomever wins the next election, whether you believe it is rigged or not, because the powers-that-be have decreed you are to be ruled over by whomever you are told is the winner? Or will you choose to withhold your consent; not just regarding elections and their outcomes but the unconstitutional 'laws', the illegal executive orders, the judicial activism and the false premise that we're bound to international treaties that contradict & supercede the Constitution itself.

We can withhold our consent until it's appropriate once again to give it: when our Republic is fully restored and an unelected elite aren't dictating that Americans choose between tyrannical puppet A or tyrannical puppet B; or their systems of control (read: work for, and pay for goods & services in constitutional money like gold & silver). And if noncooperation & nonparticipation are outlawed THEN the overt and unlimited resistance can begin.

As for me, I'll no longer contribute to the fabrication of the chains of slavery.