Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miles and miles of cover-ups to go before he sleeps.

Obama keeps Holder as Attorney General


Anonymous said...

Keep your enemies close ... and liabilities even closer!


Joel said...

That's weird. Why would he stay? Now's the time to bail and go teach lies in some university, before the indictments start flying. That'll kill his speaking fees.

If the repubs in the house want to even have a party four years from now they have to do something splashy to look relevant, and Holder's a target, and you know better than most there's plenty there to shoot at.

Anonymous said...

I always assumed it would be this way. Holder knows where all the bodies are buried. Obama has to keep him close at hand or make sure he gets the Ron Brown solution.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any indictments for Holder (or anyone else). The democrats will do their best to kill any attempt to get the truth about F&F or Benghazi or any other scandal that comes up. The media will deflect any criticism and any investigation will be stonewalled.
They now have a huge sex scandal to deflect attention and criticism with. It's all old news, ya know.
Kevin III

Anonymous said...


Mr. Holder is a Marxist like his boss and it is very necessary to keep the Justice Department completely under the control of "their people" because of the problems that would immediately happen should they loose that control. Remember when Mr. Clinton fired all those US attorneys? He didn't do that just so he could be partisan. He replaced them with "their people" and most of them are still there or have been replaced by carbon copies.

Just imagine what you can do and cover up with that kind of deep Marxist bench....

AJ said...

There is no justice. The party platform trumps all sense of justice. And the sheep love a good sex scandal.

W.LindsayWheeler said...

It's all over. As Lawerence Auster says over at View From the Right, "It's their country now".

It's all theirs. They have total control over the media, the government, the courts and the schools. There is no more rule of law--it is whatever they want to do. That's it.

It's over.

It's their country now.