Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My goodness. What a defeatist. We haven't even started shooting in self defense yet.

"Paradigm shift: We are outnumbered." Yeah? So what?


Trinity said...

Can't believe people can give up, forfeit all hope for a future regardless of how dim it may appear, without putting up a fight. That's the difference between our forefathers -- even beyond the era of the founders -- and our generation. In the past Americans were willing to fight for liberty and that in which they believed. Now the preferred tactic seems to be to submissively tuck one's tail between the legs and cry "woe r' us." Pathetic...


Rick said...

We are outnumbered by idiots only. DUH!
So whats new. We have been outnumbered by idiots for many years now.

Anonymous said...

I dont think he meant to be a defeatist. I think he meant that the left is so good at what it does, that by 2016 the right will have all but disappeared, in political power and the ability to attract new generations.
The problem my friends is that this is the end game for conservative values.
The left is good at manipulation. They can take you out of the argument by turning your opinion into a political correctness taboo. They are good at showing our children what they should be doing and how they should feel. And really I have to tell you, this political correctness and extreme tolerance is only going to get worse. We can say that we can undo what schools and media do to our children but we all know we cant.
And then we have the current republican party. Gutless. Sorry, but that is the truth. Republican leadership is gutless. Say what you will about succession and all that talk post election. But can you imagine a conservative governor and a state legislator coming out and saying, "We are succeeding and there isnt a thing you can do about it."
Can you imagine how that would make the other side force their hand? Push them!
The writer of this article is no defeatist, he is writing this because he sees what I see.
And while our values are forced out of existence by a piece of shiny excrement, and our children begin to resemmble those politically correct inepts waving around that shiny excrement we can hang our heads in shame. They will not make us defend ourselves, because they dont have to. They can just smother us out little at a time. And frankly we will just sit and watch because we didnt think it was bad enough out there to stop them. Exactly what they want.

ebd10 said...

“We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.” -- Lt. Dick Winters

Anonymous said...

The 3% have always been outnumbered but it didn't prevent them from achieving victory when the Nation was founded.

William Flatt said...

Didn't Chesty Puller once proclaim, "We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem..." "Those poor bastards don't realize they've got us right where we want them!"

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this Author is, but i couldn't disagree more with him. First, i don't believe we are outnumbered. I believe Obama lost this election in a landslide,but with the help of the european voting firm "SCYTYL",the dems pulled off the biggest case of voting fraud in American history. "SCYTYL" has never been involved in an election where a marxist hasn't won...Never! The original owner of SCYTYL was murdered and George Soros is knee deep in that firm,not a coincidence. .So everyone should be aware of this. Finally,i believe this author,is like Rush Limbaugh and other people pretending to be on our side,deliberately trying to cement the idea that our Country has changed so their is nothing we can do about it. They are trying to dispirit us and at the same time,create a case for nominating a leftwing RINO lke their Buddy Jeb Bush. Don't fall for it. I still believe there are alot more of us then them.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Quisling crybaby. I do believe he heeds his ninny bottle, his diapers must be full to overflowing.

With conservative thinkers like this guy, who needs a regime bent on tyranny? Got to give him credit for listing many truths. But jeez, if your gonna cry uncle to a bunch of psychopaths, at least make it worth something. Like fight like it will all come to pass if you don't do something.

Osmium said...

Socialists will ALWAYS end up fighting each other. Vladmir Lenin killed off many of the original Bolsheviks. Josef Stalin killed off Vladmir Lenin's people during the Great Purge (that was a big factor in the Soviet loss during the Winter War). The SS killed the SA during the Night of the Long Knives. Right now, the socialists in Washington DC are not socialist enough for Occupy, which has already plotted acts of terror. Let the enemy eat itself.

Charles N. Steele said...

EEEEK! It's the end of the world! Mitt lost! Let's surrender immediately! Run! Hide!

A good test to see if this guy really believes what he's written would be to ask him for all his guns, since he claims they'll all be confiscated shortly, and all his dollars, since they are about to be replaced. Maybe it would also help snap him out of his hysteria.

Despite what this guy thinks, the left is actually quite incompetent and poorly organized; so is the Obama regime. If Fast & Furious is any indicator, the biggest threat to the Obama clown show is its own incompetence.

The real threat is something different -- it's the possibility of losing a long, slow intellectual and moral shift. But that's a war that is by no means anywhere near over.

BTW, the Scytl thing is a hoax.

Longbow said...

Quote from Trinity, "Can't believe people can give up, forfeit all hope for a future regardless of how dim it may appear, without putting up a fight."

I didn't take that at all from what the man said, rather, it seems he is realistically looking at the battlefield and seeing, as Gen. Lee did after Pickett's charge, that THIS battle is lost. The Republic is dead. There will be no restoring it. The demographic has changed in our country so fundamentally that a majority of the people who occupy the land have nothing in common with those of us who desire to live free, be lightly governed under Constitutional principles, and pursue life, liberty and property unhindered.

That realization, should liberate every man who has tried to defend our Republic and preserve the Constitution. It frees him by the realization that all of the previous tactics, and all of the niceties, and all of the civility has failed. There will be no bringing back the old republic. We now live in a continental empire, the form of which is a Socialist Democracy. Wrap your mind around that. We have lost this battle.

Do you have anything in common with gangs of Somalis roaming the streets of Minneapolis? Are third word transplants going to magically adopt our founders' view of limited government and the rights of free men? Shall we still pretend to be tolerant when we are in the minority and have already been overcome?

NOW- Given the above is our reality, what shall we do?

Sanders said...

We've got 'em surrounded from the inside!

CowboyDan said...

When I read similar opinions elsewhere, I ask them to read and re-read a couple of things.

One is your "What good is a handgun against an army?"

The other is the part of Solzenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" that begins "and later, how we burned in the camps..."

I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on those suggestions, but what I've gotten was positive and grateful.

Anonymous said...

Conservative estimates are that there are around 80 million gun owners in this country. If you add up all of the military forces and all LEOs of any type, there might be at most 5 million. And don't forget that - in spite of how much hostility there is to law dogs by some on here - the vast majority of them and the military STILL identify themselves as defenders of the Republic. 'We' have them rather heavily outnumbered. Who is really surrounded???

Anonymous said...

Shoot outwards - the bastards won't get away this time!


Anonymous said...

To: Charles N.Steele, "The SCYTYL thing" is not a hoax. I was aware of Michelle Malkin's article at the time she wrote it. She was wrong! Malkin,like Rush and most of the famous so-called Consevative Bloggers and talk show host's,are nothing but lackey's for the repub establishment,which is just as leftwing as the repub party. The last thing they really are is "Conservative".

Malkin was doing a pre-emptive strike for the establishment against the voter fraud allegations, by writing her piece defending SCYTYL.The Bush family ( Which is the repub establishment ) believes they own the repub Presidency.They think it is their Royal birthright.They wanted Romney to lose so no one gets in JEBBIES way. They were collaborating with the dems in using "SCYTYL" and "SOE" in voter fraud so MITTEN'S would lose. Malkin was just working for the establishment in trying to throw us off the scent early. Heck,they are all lefties anyway's,so why do the Bushies care if Obama rules for another four years as long as the Bush crime family owns the repub Presidency.

Trinity said...

Anon 11/28 1057, wrote:"... in spite of how much hostility there is to law dogs by some on here - the vast majority of them and the military STILL identify themselves as defenders of the Republic."

I would be happy if just 50% actually believed in and followed their oaths. History tells us -- e.g., the civil war, Northern troops "eradicating" Southern sympathizers, not troops, and vice versa -- that a great many will blindly follow the political leaders while accepting them -- the fed government -- to be the entity they have to protect. While many of them are the brothers, fathers and sons and daughters of people in the liberty movement, many aren't -- they're the sons, etc., of the entitlement class, the borderline socialists protecting their own or their families way of life. Keep in mind that most all of them have been dumbed-down and programmed as obedient drones in the institutions euphemistically called public education where homage to the almighty state is programmed in from day one in kindergarten.

As in the first civil war, our next civil war will be fought pitting family members against each other, with the majority of those in uniform reluctantly falling in behind the government if combat lines are drawn.

The key to avoid such brutal and deadly combat lies in beating the regime by carefully neutralizing or eliminating critical "leaders" (no, I'm not calling for going after the president!) who have the ability to inspire and rally the Gestapo (DHS,FBI, ATF, etc.) and mentally drone-like troops behind them. Toe-to-toe combat would be futile.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we are outnumbered in a fight where numbers are ALL that counts - the vote. Tallies don't care about who is trained and battle hardened. Tallies care about the balance of numbers. Where the vote leans one way, election fraud or not, the power goes with it.

We are being out fucking bred. Simple math. More of them, and more each generation. They breed like rats, and we don't. Who gives a shit where you stand when your vote is meaningless? You going to war over that? No, it will have to be something else, because you can't argue with numbers.

We have to face it. Constitutional law and support for it are now a minority position. It doesn't matter that Mitt lost. Any non-left candidate will lose because the greater number of left leaning voters says he will. That dog is dead.

Ifmyoumare looking for a restoration of the Republicmat the voting booth - forget it. You'll have to seek your answer elsewhere.

Charles N. Steele said...

Thanks Anon. If you don't find Michelle M. convincing, I don't blame you -- I generally don't pay attention to her. But I think her argument was basically right in this, b/c the state systems are all separate.

In the end, it hardly matters one way or the other; they are outnumbered. Officially 20% voted Obama, 19% Mitt, 1% 3rd party, and the majority realized that regardless of outcome Goldman Sachs et al wins. Mike V.'s little "I STILL get to vote" logo makes it clear why there's no need to panic like the guy he linked to here.

Ed said...

"They've got us surrounded again, those poor bastards." - Creighton Abrams