Monday, November 5, 2012

An Unrepentant Kurt Hofmann: CSGV equates knowledge with 'insurrection,' wants it suppressed

In fact, when National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea asked CSGV on Twitter to cite a quote from the article in question that would provide some evidence of their charges, they (hilariously) declined: "We're not pointing to a specific quote. We're referring to his blog as a whole." In other words, "Take our word for it about what he meant, despite the fact that he never said it."


Osmium said...

This gun control group who equates knowledge with insurrection has stated it has no problem with the government rounding up innocent people.

Anonymous said...

The fascist CSGV has no problem with drone strikes on civilians overseas, murdering an underage US citizen, the government being able to do warrantless eavesdropping and searches, indefinitely detaining and torturing US citizens, and a secret kill list that obama uses to place hits on people Godfather style.

They don't object to violence, but only to citizens attempting to be able to defend themselves against the state. Power without limit, as lenin said, is their ultimate goal.

William Flatt said...

Osmium is right... I posted elsewhere that:

The communists at CSGV have no problem with our government killing millions of people overseas, or murdering US citizens whether or not they have been declared 'enemies of the state' (even as Anon pointed out, killing a teenager 'off the books', just because of who his dad was... and attainder of treason, incidentally, is prohibited by the Constitution).

These commies cheer every time the Constitution is flagrantly ignored. They applaud the fact that the 'regime in power'... openly commit acts of tyranny that our forefathers would have already taken up arms against.

These commies don't object to violence, so long as it's a monopoly in the hands of government, and only a totalitarian regime would want to exercise such complete power over its people. History also shows us that such regimes tend to commit democide: over 200 million in the 20th Century alone. That's your "power without limit".

Which begs the question: Do these scumbags realize that in pushing American patriots into a corner, once the balloon goes up, these selfsame scumbags will all become 'targets of opportunity' on the 2-way firing range??

If these people are willing to actively participate in the roundup of innocent citizens because their politics don't match - and liquidate all the dissidents... then they are indeed very deserving of whatever punishments can be meted out to these Vichy collaborators.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Check it out--after Josh "El Guapo" Horwitz said that you and I would cause "attacks against our armed forces and elected leaders," someone has gathered some "assault rifles" and "bomb-making chemicals"--and he turns out to be a Wall Street "Occupier."

I'm actually kinda embarrassed to have been out-"insurrectionismed" by a California collectivist.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Oops--that should have been "New Jersey collectivist," not "California collectivist."

In my defense, same thing, different coasts.