Monday, November 5, 2012

General Sebastian Snowflake, commander of the on-line Prag Army, is "perfectly fine with CSGV criticizing the 'III percent' philosophy of Mike Vanderboegh."

General Sebastian Snowflake, commander of the on-line Prag Army, posing at Valley Forge.
Sebastian plays kiss-kiss with the government-monopoly-of-violence advocates at CSGV. "Take Julia! Take Julia!"
Just got this link with the header "sNOballs just threw you under the bus in front of the leftists. Maybe they'll like him now."
“CSGV has been attempting for quite some time to silence and intimidate Second Amendment bloggers, especially those who use pen names, by finding out and publishing their real names online. You will note that most of those bloggers are defending the notion of free speech and expression; the right to tell people to read a book (published by our government no less) and to speak out for what they believe, even if what they believe are not popular ideas.
I would be perfectly fine with CSGV criticizing the "III percent" philosophy of Mike Vanderboegh. I have done so myself on several occasions. What we're not OK is trying to cajole the FBI and publisher to silence unpopular viewpoints. As we defend the Second Amendment, we also defend the First, and the way to deal with unpopular or even dangerous speech is biting criticism. But CSGV ran out of that a long time ago, and has since been erecting straw men and tearing them down, and building up this boogie man that they claim are Second Amendment bloggers.”


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I can't fault Sebastian on this. On much else, but not this.

Bruce Krafft said...

Mike I think the quote is actually "Do it to Julia!" But I get your drift.
Isn't there a Russian folk tale about people in a sleigh being chased by wolves who, one by one, throw passengers off to A) lighten the load and 2) slow down the wolves . . .
Take Julia indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this IS America.....he has a right to disagree with or criticize anyone he wants....including you, Mike. Or does your support of the 1st Amendment only go one way?


Anonymous said...

He's all for fighting to uphold the Second Amendment, until it becomes open war. Then we must concede.


Anonymous said...

and in that same America, Mike has the right to criticize that speech.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 5:11pm,

Where did I say he didn't?