Friday, November 9, 2012

David Codrea: Feinstein rumored to be pushing semi-auto ban if Obama reelected

I love it. This ought to ensure massive resistance.
David reports Feinstein plans on:
- - No pistol grip allowed
- - No HC Mags
- - No grandfathering
- - No sale permissible if in possession
Go for it, collectivist bitch.


Anonymous said...

Well, I always tell my partner in revolt against this communist regime, there are two groups who will gather steam if they come for them--

--homeschooling associations(I know- am homeschooling one of mine, these people mean business)

--and the gun rights crowd

Like your language Mike V-maybe Romney should have tried some expletives of his own--would have probably won some of the brainless moron obamabots in my extended family over

Hefferman said...

Let them try.
That maybe all that wakes American's up to what they are really about. They want power and will do anything to get it.
"All political power comes out of the barrel of a gun." Mao was right.

If they go for the guns, there will be a response. So be it.
The people made their beds, and now it is time to sleep in ti.

MamaLiberty said...

I don't happen to have one of "those" guns... but I have plenty of others that will get the job done when necessary.

Wonder if she still carries...

Stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Methinks that Senator Fone-bone isn't familiar with the law of Unintended Consequences....

Are they really this banal, this brazen?

Methinks yes.

Anonymous said...

No rumor about it. Feinstein announced her intent at the Democratic National Convention.

We know we have idiots in Congress, but are they stupid enough to go along with folly on this scale?

John said...

I was amused to hear her say she wanted to get the assault rifles off our streets. Amused because I have never seen an assault rifle on the streets. I did see an old fella walking along a busy street in Phoenix wearing six guns. And, there wasn't even a parade. Of course as I had no intent on giving offense - I was able to pass by without incident.

Anonymous said...

What's that saying? You can have my gun - red, hot and smoking!

SWIFT said...

Donald Rumsfeld was once asked by a soldier(with prodding from a reporter)why they must conduct patrols without armor on their Humvees. Rumsfeld answered: "sometimes you have to go to war with what you have". Yep! Hear that Feinstein, you commie scumbag?

Anonymous said...

Molon Labe!

Come take them!

Anonymous said...

Every politician in this country should be looking down the end of a flash suppressor when they think of voting for this crap. I thought we still had a 2nd Amendment. Oh wait, that went out the door with the rest of them on Tuesday.

Yank lll said...

Just remember..

"The Ones What Sent Them.."

Yank lll

Erinyes said...

Angling for another assault weapons ban. Shoot the moon, then throttle back so we will settle for a "reasonable" assault weapons ban.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget here that this country once had an assault weapons ban, and clearly it wasnt the straw that broke the camels back. Im sure that there was alot of talk and alot of people huffing and puffing, but in the end nothing.
I would hope that patriotic citizens learn the lessons from the past. They will never stop. Just beause you dont live in CA doesnt make it ok to accept what happens in commiefornia.
I really dont see how the powers in CA can ban these weapons, heck they cant even get their financial house in order, they had to pass tax increases by putting the prop number atop an apple. Making you believe it was for schools... Liars. And the population bought it.
I say with a resounding voice, "ENOUGH!"
You have to be aboslutely stupid to try this a second time. I would hope that patriots, where ever they be, would offer support in stopping any further attempt on the restriction of liberty.

Anonymous said...

We have even better odds than the Spartans faced at Thermopylae. They were offered seductive terms to surrender their arms. Their answer and mine is, "Comt take them." Molon Labe "300"

Anonymous said...

The person who projects lethal force for the tyrant needs to decide where he stands. Does he stand for liberty or is he a bought and paid for brownshirt? Come against me to take my liberty or life and I don't care what uniform you wear or what paper you wave. My answer is the same as the Spartans, "Molon Labe."

Osmium said...

The democrats and RINOs no longer have to worry abut popularity anymore now that they have a strangle hold on the electorate. They will only get more brazen from here on out.

Fortunately brazeness often leads to stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Two days after the election I went to my local gun store and bought an AR-style rifle in .308. Also bought hundreds of rounds of ammo. I do need to get some more "high capacity" magazines before its too late.

PS I will only surrender my firearms when I'm dead, hopefully not until I have forced some gun-grabbing thugs to join me.


Anonymous said...

"We know we have idiots in Congress, but are they stupid enough to go along with folly on this scale?"

Wellll, the 2012 congress gave the POTUS the provisions he wanted in the NDAA. Windsock said he would have signed it also. Pretty sure he didn't a problem with re-uping the Patriot Act, and ya damn well know that he wouldn't have given up any of the power the curent POTUS created with executive order. So I guess ya need to ask where we are on the scale with Individual Liberty at one end and complete tyranny on the other. Keep in mind that their sponser's talking head (read mainstream media) keep telling us the #1 issue is the economy when we all damn well know that a good economy will always follow Individual Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Ok people settle down! IF they ram another anti-gun law on us we fight or don't. Running around screaming like little girls gets nothing done. It also makes us look impotent. Stop this panic and start acting like you got a pair.

William Flatt said...

If/when such legislation is announced, every gun owner in the country should send a postcard to this California Commie. It perhaps should simply say,

"S. ## (whatever the number is), Short Title"
"ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, You collectivist bitch!"

There's not enough ammo in gov't hands to make that stick. We The People have many billions of rounds MORE.

(click)(Safety off)


Anonymous said...

Fuck both of them.

Anonymous said...

“And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?” Thomas Jefferson

Unless the regular military joins her and her illegal and unconstitutional actions she doesn't stand a chance.

If the military does join in, we know our only course is insurgency.

Resistance and attrition of their numbers, making clear their actions will be greeted with pain and death, is the last thing we want but the best lesson we can teach them if they try.

Yes, the can try but they will fail and fail badly.

Moron labe.